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Strategic Document Preparation: In a competitive job market, first impressions matter. Our professional writers create compelling resumes, tailored cover letters, and optimized LinkedIn profiles that resonate with potential employers.

Guided Career Coaching: Our experienced career coaches provide personalized guidance, helping your employees set clear career goals, refine their job search strategy, and master interview techniques for success.

All-in-One Platform: Our client portal and mobile application allow users to have  everything they need in one place, accessible at their fingertips for a seamless and efficient experience.

Application Support: We take the legwork out of job hunting by handling the application process on your team’s behalf. This includes filling out applications, tailoring materials, and ensuring timely submissions.

Proactive Job Search: We proactively seek out and identify suitable job opportunities, leveraging our network of contacts and resources to ensure your employees are presented with roles that match their aspirations.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Ensuring your peace of mind, we prioritize the utmost confidentiality in handling users’ personal data. Our commitment to your privacy extends to every facet of our services, allowing users to navigate their career transition with confidence and assurance that their data is in safe hands.

Why Choose My Personal Recruiter?

Empowering career transitions through personalized guidance and strategic support, ensuring a brighter future beyond current horizons

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Introductory Call


Complete an introductory call with your career coach. During this call we will introduce you to our team, explain our process, and begin gathering important information for the job search. We will then define your search criteria and begin designing a job search strategy tailored to your needs.



To learn more about each client we request they each complete work at home including an intake session and filling out any information needed to begin the job search. Additional homework may be assigned as needed such as skills assessment or additional employment information.

Approvals and Applications


Once we have compiled a list of relevant jobs, you can begin approving of job posts that you would like us to apply to. It is as simple as reviewing the job post and making one click to approve or disapprove.

Interview and Coaching


During this part of the process, you will be interviewing with prospective companies. If you have a standard or premium subscription you will have access to career coaching from certified experts.



Launch Job Search


Once we have collected all the data, we are ready to launch the job search and start finding relevant job opportunities that meet your search criteria. Monday – Friday we will find jobs for you and apply on your behalf.

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Case Studies

Megan got a salary increase


Senior Director of Finance

Offer accepted in 34 days with a 30% salary increase and better benefits

Carlos R


VP of Operations

Found his targeted job within two months of working with My Personal Recruiter

Landed his dream job


Chief Technical Officer

Found his dream job with a $40k increase and stock options

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